Tegan and Sara: “Love You to Death” Album Review

Written By: Natalie Maza

Youtube: Alie Angeles

As far as music goes, I believe a lot of us can identify with the instant fangirl attraction towards Canadian duo Tegan and Sara in our awkward stages of puberty. At this point, they’re like a gay girl rite of passage! And if you’re the type that’s ever googled “gay music recommendations” – admit it, we’ve all done it – you’ve probably stumbled upon this pair at least once in your life. Good news, guys: the queens are still at it! As of last summer, they’ve released their eighth studio album,” Love You to Death,” and it’s been repeatedly described as the queerest one yet.

The indie group has always been known to experiment with several genres throughout their decade-long career, earning different labels like rock, folk and punk with every new song composed. This time around they’ve set aside the acoustic guitars for their latest album and trailed towards the direction of synth-pop, giving each song an electro beat and an element of new wave that we’re not quite used to hearing from the girls. While several of their followers have labeled this abrupt change with betrayal, I, for one, was not disappointed with the new sound.

Arguably, the most important aspect of the album is hands down the incredibly relatable lyrical theme shown all across the singles. From secret love songs to straight girl crush anthems, the lyrics reek of gay vibes, and it’s oh so wonderful. The most noted single from the album in this regard is, without a doubt, “Boyfriend”, first released in April. The song belts out the frustration of being with a woman who’s not out and doesn’t want to define the relationship. Sara Quin even spoke out at one point to the origin of the song’s meaning, relating an experience she had dating a bisexual woman who was also dating a man and had never been with a woman before.

It’s clear it’s not the only single on the track that touches on similar LGBT themes. Another notable example goes to the song “BWU”, an acronym for the words “be with you”.

“We don’t need a white wedding
All the girls I loved before
Told me they signed up for more
Save your first and last chance for me
Cause I don’t want a white wedding”

The song speaks out on the topic of being able to express love without needing the validation most do with institutional marriage. Sara wrote it after the 2015 victory of Supreme Court ruled marriage equality in the United States. The pair were both celebrity supporters of same sex marriage rights, and obviously proud of the win, but the song was written to show that, legality aside, marriage isn’t needed for queer love to be validated and unified – a strong but controversial topic that spoke to LGBT and straight-cis listeners alike.

The electronic track was an absolute win all around, groundbreaking and heartfelt. It definitely quenched a long-held thirst from us Tegan and Sara fangirls, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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