The Avalanches: “Wildflower” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

The last we heard of The Avalanches was back in 2000 when they released Since I Left You. Sixteen years later and they are back with their latest release Wildflower. Their trippy beats compliment their meticulously chosen and edited samples. With impeccable artistic decisions and unrivaled musical experimentation, Australian group Avalanches has inspired and intrigued yet again. Their unique sound is a complex amalgam of old school R&B modernized by features such as Danny Brown and Biz Markie. And, I might add, their sound is even futurized by Avalanches’ own artistic prowess and foresight.

As it turns out, Avalanches took a sixteen year interlude because they refuse to release anything that hasn’t been arranged to sonic perfection. All twenty-one (yes, twenty-one) tracks of Wildflower are rhythmic and powerful, pleasing in the most visceral sense. As the project title might suggest, the music is very much alive and is certainly beautiful, ipso facto, the wildflower. As creative as Pink Floydd and as mysterious as the Gorrillaz, Avalanches is triumphant in their pursuit of pushing the limits of music into the stratosphere. There is no genre that can accurately categorize The Avalanches, as they will just as soon blow such a box apart.

My favorite track, which is hard to chose really, is the vibrant and carnival sound of ‘Frankie Sinatra’. It is fun and strange and scary and smooth all at once. This track is accompanied by an equally weird and wonderful music video, which is just as colorful and sensory as you’d expect.


Other great tracks off this latest production include the mesmerizing ‘Colours’ and the tripping, offbeat track ‘Live a Lifetime Love’. There is honestly so much to enjoy about this album. Wildflower certainly deserves a full listen, from track one, ‘The Leaves Were Falling’, to the final track twenty-one, ‘Saturday Night Inside Out’. Each track brings a fresh surprise, be it a sample from an iconic Beatles track or incongruous melodies you never thought could sound so perfect together.

It’s hard to think about a time when this music would be most appropriate, as the accurate answer is always. Wildflower is for when you’re high, drunk, sober, happy, sad, mellow, hyped up and every feeling in between. Allow yourself to be swept up in the sonic journey that is Wildflower and don’t look back until you’ve taken it all the way through – or perhaps more accurately, until it’s taken you all the way through.

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