The Bleeding Obvious: “Rainbow Heart” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

”Rainbow Heart” is the new album from The Bleeding Obvious. The Bleeding Obvious is comprise of Jess Rowbottom, an incredibly talented lass from Yorkshire.  As I listened to this album, I quickly realized this is a modern piece of art.

The first track ”Labels”, deals with the plethora of labels that we encounter daily. The subject is addressed in a slightly humorous manner which I think works well. It isn’t a preachy anthem of anger, nor is it a patronizing display that comes sometimes from others. The song listed many labels but poked fun slightly at how labels are used against us, that we HAVE to choose a label that people can understand, or one that they believe fits us.‘Outside Inside” was truly beautiful. The song like ”Labels” resonated with me on a deep level and since the beautiful words are accompanied by wonderful music, I could listen to it constantly.

”Gender Babylon” has a slightly more amped up electronic vibe, compared to the vibe that runs through the album. This song features the line ”Its not a craze, its not a phase”. Which has stayed with me. The song ”Over The Top” was slightly difficult to listen to, and I admit that I had to pause and then restart. The quotes were obviously very real, and a few of hit a little close to home, but I have now listened to it a few times and I adore it. The song is well performed and the spoken word aspects bring the track to a new level of art.

My absolute favorite track is ”Spectrum”. I almost feel like I don’t want to tell you why, so I can just have you listen to it and find out why. Like other songs on this album, ”Spectrum” uses words like bisexual, pansexual and asexual. All words that are valid forms of description, yet that are usually mocked as being false or made up. I love it!!

The lyrics and vocals on the entire album are on point, no pomp or fluff. Just the perfect messages performed clearly and pleasantly so we truly hear them. With a twist of humor and levity that is sometimes lacking from music. The music has an 80s/90s electronica vibe that runs through the whole album, but with nuances from other genres. The drums for me were very notably performed, bringing an authentic rhythm to the pieces. ”Rainbow Heart” is a story, a story of a journey that should be listened to and savored.

Music like this is not readily available, yet I wish it was. ”Rainbow Heart” is a tonic to the heart, hurting from the hate-filled world we are living in. ”Rainbow Heart” is available now, please buy it.