The Story of Nati Flow from Nairobi

Written By: Edward Ramjuse 

Instagram: @bra_dhe

I am allowed to snicker at you if you dare tell me that you have never heard about rapper Noti Flow. The sexy rapper from Kenya is musical bomb and also a great fashionista. The rapper has also taken into acting and is one of the rising stars in Nairobi Diaries and has aired on several TV programs in East Africa. Noti Flow has ever graced the cover photo of Standard’s group Pulse Magazine. If you check out her Twitter profile and you are not among the 18k plus followers who know about her musical career, then you are losing big time. Thank the gods of the internet for some speedy information, because without them then many of us would still be clueless about the Talented Noti Flow.

Her Lifenoti-flo

The real name of Noti Flow is Natalie Florence. It was during her final year in Primary School, that Noti noticed she could easily play with words to make a rhyme. She moved to Ohio State (USA) with her dad at the age of 14 and also became a cheerleader for the school’s basketball team. Later on she realized she had a passion for acting and when her family relocated back to Kenya, she joined the Kenya National Theatre to continue with her passion. Noti Flow, who has been speculated to be a lesbian for many years, finally revealed to an online website that she is not just for the girls but equally for the guys.

Her Music

Noti Flow stormed into popularity on the Kenyan music scene in 2013 with the release of his first song, ‘Hella.’ She came in the rap-game rapping nothing but sex and many wanted to quickly shut her up. Noti Flow is that kind of artist and her music is just too naughty for TV. Just like her name suggest, rapper Noti Flow is one naughty woman. Too naughty, in fact, even for some Kenyan men. She was also part of the team that joined Joji Baro and Art Attack to release the Kenyan version of the ‘Same Love ‘ by Maclemore.

What rapper lives with no dis-tracks or beefs with other rappers. Noti Flow does not take being called out nicely, and at one point had a beef with Pilau Jeri famously known as Femi One. She took a jab on Singer Avril’s body shape and asked her (Avril) to hit the gym since she no longer has the sexy look she used to have. Because of her versatile flow and lyrical majesty, many of her fans call Noti the Kenyan Iggy Azalea. The controversial musician has always annoyed many including the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss, Ezekiel Mutua – who Kenyans believe has specialized at annoying them- through her confidence on bedroom matters in her music. Noti Flow released her X-rated video dubbed ‘Birthday Cake,’ which officially branded her as the naughtiest artist in Kenya. The video proved too naughty and like many other video from her, was also banned from TV.

Well Noti Flow, is definitely a time bomb in Kenyan Music industry and will definitely be part of the architects who will revolutionize the Kenyan Music industry to be more accommodating to the LGBT community.