Todrick Hall: “Straight Out of Oz” Album Review

Written By:  Sean Bardoo from   

todrick-hall-picTodrick Hall is a singer, actor, dancer, choreographer, and famous YouTuber from Texas.  He first gained mainstream media recognition for impressive killer vocals and spectacular performances while on the ninth season of American Idol, and as a semi-finalist.
After, the show his career skyrocketed with performances on major hit television shows, Broadway and on YouTube

806-groupThe year 2016, has been an amazing time for Todrick where RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star selected him as a judge on second season, and that year also landed the lead role of Lola in the hit Broadway musical Kinky Boots.  It’s no surprise that gay audiences have embraced his career, and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and Broadway gave him the lead role having to perform, sing and act all in full drag attire.  Since, Todrick has many gay followers and openly lives life as a gay man taken from his Twitter page quoted as saying:  “Words can’t express how good it feels to be 100% honest w/ my fans. I’m a proud gay man & I thank you all for loving me, cuz this is #WHOIBE”.

Furthermore, to add to his impressive accomplishments on June 23, 2016 Todrick released his album on YouTube named “Straight Outta Oz” made up of 20 Tracks.  This Album has been well received by fans all over the world and thus far over 2 million views on You Tube.  What makes this Album stand out is that it highlights how talented, he really is.  While telling the story about a dreamer who moves from a place in Plainview, Texas, to the city of “Oz Angeles.” All meticulously displayed wearing sparkly red Timberland boots, and bad business encounters with individuals and transforms into different versions of the famous Oz characters; like, the Wicked Witch of the West, Lion, Dorothy, Tin Man and others.  

Any other singer could easily made this Album interpretation flop for being boring but Todrick’s   impressive set of vocals with precise flawless performances makes this the perfect match for him. “Even without flair and dramatic performances, Todrick would not be classified as a mediocre singer in this Album.  As Todrick’s talent shines through every Track, as this Album really spotlights his incredible diverse range of skills.    

I would describe Todrick Hall “as one of the most exciting new voices to appear in years” Because of his technically polished voice like established Mega Superstars as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Jennifer Holiday combined with his dance and acting skills […] his interpretive approach is what sets him apart” and “Todrick is definitely headed for major international super stardom, and if nothing else, his album is an exciting preview of future coming attractions.” But he sings with his own personal style about pop tunes, incorporates drag themes and some sophiscated diva attitude as well “many of the songs here are so well done they could be sung by any huge mainstream Artist.

This Album “Straight Outta Oz” receives five stars for being so well-produced, and sung by Todrick Hall.  I strongly recommend this Album as a wonderful addition to any music lover’s collection.  

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