Top 5 Adam Lambert Tracks

Written By: Mandi Lauren Nowitz

Twitter: @3icecubes

I knew it all along but could not bring myself to admit it. That is, until he did it for himself. Yes, Adam Lambert is a gay man and has no shame in his game, despite my heart breaking into a million pieces. I suddenly knew how all the George Michael fans felt when he came out, especially after looking so sexy in the “Faith” video with his tight faded jeans, leather jacket, sunglasses, guitar…but I digress. Lambert rose to fame as a contestant on season 8 of “American Idol” and fans tuned in weekly to see what he would be singing and what he would be wearing. Devilishly sexy, androgynous but tall and masculine with piercing blue eyes and pitch black hair, he was the reason for the season. Lambert was the seasons runner-up but that was a blessing in disguise because he was not beholden to an AI contract and could go on to make the music that he wanted.

He debuted his first single “For Your Entertainment” in a controversial performance on the AMA’s in 2009, as he simulated oral sex and made out with a male band member. This did not faze him at all as he had this to say: “Female performers have been doing this for years—pushing the envelope about sexuality—and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out. We’re in 2009—it’s time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom.” At the same time, Lambert did a cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine where he confirmed what many had long suspected: he was gay but he was also becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His debut album “For Your Entertainment” went on to spawn 2 top 40 singles. His second album “Trespassing” as well as his third “The Original High” failed to recreate the magic of the FYE but still had some underrated tracks worth listening to.

Lambert has spent much time on tour with legendary band Queen as the front man as well as a judge on the UK version of “The X Factor Australia.” Recently, he played the role of Eddie in the television version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” despite many fans feeling that he should have played the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter. Using his fame and his controversial popularity, Lambert continued to create amazing music along with donating close to one million dollars to various charities and has been repeatedly recognized by the LGBTQ community for his efforts and stand-up attitude. Unapologetic about who he is, he is an exemplary member of the LGBTQ community and one of the most fun characters to watch in absolutely anything.

Though it was hard, being a Glambert Gal, I have narrowed his songs down to the top 5 best tracks and I only hope he keeps on rocking!

5) I Believe In A Thing Called Love: This was a cover of “The Darkness” hit that he performed on “Glee” with Chris Colfer, also gay. I love the original but Lambert’s voice is sharp and perfect and the song is available on iTunes so get it now if you want a fun, poppy song to add to your playlist.

4) Cuckoo: This one is from “Trespassing” and did not get enough play at all. Maybe because it has a bad word in it but censored songs are all over the radio so I don’t want to hear it.Walk that walk. Like you don’t give a fuck. You got a right to turn it up and get down. Electric shock, no I can’t get enough. ‘Cause tonight we’re taking over the town, hey.” This is a true ode to just being yourself and having a killer time.

3) For Your Entertainment: Not written by Lambert, it was the perfect song to kick off his solo post-AI career.Let’s go. It’s my show. Baby, do what I say. Don’t trip off the glitz. That I’m gonna display.”

2) Better Than I Know Myself: A ballad that showcased Lambert’s powerful voice and a reason that he should have won AI (written by the same who wrote Cuckoo). I really need you near me. To keep my mind off the edge. If I wanted to leave, I would’ve left by now. But you’re the only one that knows me better than I know myself.” We all have that one person who knows us better than we know ourselves and that is why it is so relatable.

1) Sleepwalker: Off of FYE, this track blows my mind every time I hear it and no wonder: Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic fame co-wrote this song and here is my favorite line EVER: “You’re everything that I want. But you don’t want me.” Preach!

There you have it; the top 5 tracks from Adam Lambert, an artist who owns who he is and won’t ever apologize. I love that about him and I also love the fact that he does not mind kissing a woman every now and then. Can that be me?

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