Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

In 2017, Pink Floyd lingers somewhat in the periphery of the musical spectrum. Perhaps you’ve seen that barista at your local coffee shop wearing a faded black ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ T-shirt for three days straight, or your hipster roommate bought the iconic album on vinyl to ‘really listen to it, ya know?’ Maybe your mom and dad blast Pink Floyd and get that misty look of yesteryear in their eyes. In any case, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pink Floyd. As rightly you should! They are an amazingly talented group that belong to the canon of the greatest rockers of all time. Their presence in the early 1970’s influenced rock and roll’s sound while differentiating themselves with their signature psychedelic bend.

While it would be easy to simply say that ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ offers all the Pink Floyd you’ll ever need, it would be hard for me to deny certain songs their rightful place among the band’s top five. Without further ado, here are the five songs I claim to be Pink Floyd’s best. To build up the suspense that Pink Floyd deserves, I’ll list from worst (still amazing) to first (timelessly amazing).

Coming in at number five is ‘Time’ off of their 1973 hit album Dark Side of the Moon(1973). ‘Time’ essentially embodies the general sound of Pink Floyd. Slow intro, experimental percussions, powerful and emotive vocals. The song captures Pink Floyd’s love of the darkly mellow, bringing these vibes to light with electric guitar riffs.

For number four, I’ll have to go with their song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. This track is off of another one of their iconic albums, entitled The Wall(1979). With dark and lingering vocals and chanting school children, this track is truly one for the ages.

Number three, I’ll have to go with another track off of Dark Side of the Moon (1973). You guessed it, ‘Money’ is number three. From the moment the song begins you know that Pink Floyd has something awesome in store. We are greeted by the steady clang of change falling into a cash register and a loosely tantalizing guitar progression before the vocals zoom in, singing passionately, “Money!”. This song, like the aforementioned two, could be at the top of someone else’s Pink Floyd all time top five list, but for me my top two are forever and always the undeniable best.

Number two should rightfully be tied with number one in this case. It’s the song ‘Comfortably Numb’ off of The Wall(1979). This track is magically haunting and beautifully mellow. This song hits me right in the feels every time.

But for number one, I have to give it to ‘Wish You Were Here’. There is something enchanting about this single. It starts slow and builds slowly into a romantic’s lament, a ballad from the abyss of the unknown. Whether you’re a rap listener, and EDM festival goer, an alt rock punk or a country music fanatic, Pink Floyd belongs on your radar. They are so much bigger than these five tracks, but it’s definitely a good place to start.

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