Tunde Olaniran: “Transgressor” Album Review

Written By: Sean Bardoo from www.seanbproductions.com

Instagram: @seanbproduction

The world of music has revolved over time and gone through drastic changes.  We lost many Iconic Legends in 2016.  However, we now in 2017 have more space to platform new Artist; create, listen and nurture new ones on television, radio, music charts, and history records.  Social transformation is misunderstood often through music especially with so-called Peace through Artistic approach that has been under-theorized, and under-rated.  Music is an excellent way to heal communities and bridge gaps with powerful messages in groves through well written lyrics.  One Flint, Michigan-based Artist named Tunde Olaniran is doing just that through his music and making a huge impact for his “Themes with Originality.” All doing so through art and music, whose peace-building work focuses on conflict transformation through sonic capacities to promote social healing.  He might seem like an unusual male Artist but is very good at crafting his artful messages.  

This Nigerian-American singer fuses electro tech, hip-hop, rap and R&B all together.  He’s the real deal and entire package, effortlessly crosses genres, does his own choreographs, and dances.  His Album “Transgressor” is made up of 12 Tracks.  Each Track is extremely well done that it’s really difficult not to get hooked on each individual Track and listen to the entire Album.  I got stuck repeatedly listening to each song over and over and had a hard-time moving on to the next one.  All of the Tracks are very powerful and full of “Originality” with deep rooted heart-felt messages for the; out- casted, under-represented, lost, depressed and weary.    

These are some of my favorite Tracks listed below.  

Track No 1:  Transgressor- truly captured my attention as it truly sets the tone for the entire Album.  Tunde says he is a “Transgressor,” as he tells us on the Album why loudly and proudly, doing his own thing.  It talks about anyone who violates a rule or oversteps a boundary. All within fractured communities with emphasis on the restoration of voice, and healing on the concept he has found particularly resonant with people who are struggling to repair their violent communities. The music and poetry like theme explains that it can aid in this repair with various highly contextual; ways meaningful to the community who is seeking social justice. Furthermore, the music on “Transgressor” can be viewed as justice-building or be connected to an organic part of the community’s everyday life through acceptance. 

Track No 5: Up and Down- is another exceptional track as it’s relatable to all of us dealing with challenges.  The lyrics says that with every problem in life and every difficult obstacle life sends your way, comes a great lesson.  Because, this will help you grow, and evolve into the wonderful being you were born to be.  It furthermore, sends the message looking at your bad times and difficulties as opportunities for growth.  This is a great message as it wants us to look at negativity that arise as opportunities to learn and to grow.  Don’t run from them, condemn yourself, or bury your burden in saintly silence.


Track No 11:  Brighter Days– tells us that no matter what you are currently experiencing in your life no matter how bad and painful it may look and feel.  It is very important to remember yourself that no storm lasts forever and will eventually end. Telling us until that happens, look for things to do, things that will take your focus away from what you are currently feeling and experiencing.  We can learn from the Track to do something that makes you feel good, that makes you feel happy and excited. De-stress yourself and de-stress your life.

I am particularly impressed with how he provides a sense of sonic diversity with effective musical backdrops, this account of music and social justice is introduced through his combination of a melody of music genres all fused together.   This guy is super talented, and truly amazing with his fresh new innovative style.  I have not heard anything like him that totally froze my attention to his beats, and groovy one of a kind- tones.  

This guy is someone we should pay close attention to and will be the next big Artist very soon to explode conquering the music industry.  Rolling Stone Magazine even mentioned Tunde Olaniran as of the 10 New Artists You Need to Know in August 2015.  I definitely see why he was selected.  

I highly recommend this Album and give five (5) stars for his beauteous masterpiece.