Zé: “Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight” EP Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

His soundcloud account only has a little over five hundred followers. He’s reps Atlanta but doesn’t rap over trap beats. Actually, according to his soundcloud account, he is based out of both Atlanta and, wait for it, Venus. In a sense it’s true, his sound is out of this world. His rap alias is simply Ze. His flow is both mellow and concentrated. He’s like Bryson Tiller or Isaiah Rashad, or Currency with his light, loose flows with heavy themes. His lyrics are meaningful and worth our attention. His EP Skies Are Filled With Secret Delight is a beautiful composition of seven tracks, his heavy, monotone vocals bouncing in fascinating anti-melody against jazzy, alternative beats. Hell, I’d even go so far as to say this kid could resemble Kendrick Lamar in a few years, or even a few albums. The tracks ‘telephone’ and ‘yourbreakfast’ certainly make a case for him in this regard.

‘Telefone’ is jazzy, Ze singing more than rapping on this track, “you ain’t got a choice when I call you on my telephone, I wanna hear your voice when I call you on my telephone.” On ‘yourbreakfast’, my favorite off the release, Ze raps loosely and effectively, “I just wanna make you breakfast, get you eggs and toast while you laying naked,” and then he continues, “you crazy but I deal with it.” The track is romantic in Ze’s own way, seeming to describe a real situation, or at least it has the energy to make me believe that someone is the subject of this song. The final track ‘icantdeny’ featuring Doddy is upbeat in beat only, Ze describing a lost love with heartbreakingly relatable lyrics. He raps “take a look up in my texts, reminisce on the past, take a look up on the gram now he making you laugh” and we can’t help but feel for the guy. Whoever this unknown subject of his love is, I ‘m sure they regret it now. His lyrics are saturated with truth, pain, and personal experience. He weaves personal details and storylines into the lyrics of each song, and they are easy to get caught up in. Ze is underground for now only. I promise you, his name will be appearing on major features soon enough, and not long after that I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if you saw him top some charts.

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